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Clarke Tucker Raises Over a Half Million Dollars in 1st Quarter

LITTLE ROCK — Clarke Tucker’s campaign for Arkansas’s 2nd Congressional District is off to a quick start.

Since announcing his candidacy on February 5, 2018, Tucker raised over a half million dollars and ended the quarter with over $440,000 cash on hand.

“I could not be more thrilled with the generous support our campaign has received since our announcement,” Tucker said. “There is a lot of grassroots energy for new leadership in Washington, and our momentum is only growing. While I’m proud of the money we have raised, we know this campaign is much bigger than those numbers — it’s about making sure Washington is working for us here in Arkansas. Voters have overwhelmingly responded to the fact that we plan to work on the issues that make a difference in our lives on a daily basis, like affordable healthcare, quality education, and good-paying jobs, rather than to go about business as usual in DC.”

CNN, MSNBC, and other national news outlets have rated the 2nd Congressional District of Arkansas as one of the congressional races to watch in 2018. Immediately following Tucker’s entrance into the race, CNN changed the race ranking away from ‘Safe-R,’ labeling it as a race worth watching.

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