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Clarke Tucker Responds to House Vote Against Adequate Funding for Election Security

LITTLE ROCK — Clarke Tucker, Democratic candidate for Arkansas’s 2nd Congressional District, today released a statement following the House vote Thursday against adequate funding for election security. The motion would have added $380 million in federal grants to states for election security. The vote on the motion failed 182 – 232. Rep. French Hill voted against the measure.

“Time and again, our current Congress has put party over country to the detriment of the United States and Arkansas,” Tucker said. “Free and fair elections are a cornerstone of our nation. That’s why as a matter of national security, we must protect our democracy from all threats, especially the known and real threat of Russian election interference. But yesterday, we saw too many members of Congress lack the courage to put country first, and instead vote along party lines against sufficient security to combat these foreign threats. We must demand that our leaders in Congress be willing to put our country and the people they represent first, even against pressure from party bosses and special interests.”


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