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Clarke Tucker Details Steps to Fighting Corruption

LITTLE ROCK — State Representative and candidate for Arkansas’s 2nd Congressional District Clarke Tucker today detailed steps aimed at rooting out the influence of money in politics and holding elected officials accountable. Tucker, who is endorsed by End Citizens United, has prioritized accountability in government. In the state legislature, Tucker made the first bill he filed each session a campaign finance bill.

“Campaign finance is the one issue that affects every other issue because it affects the process by which we elect those making our policy decisions,” Tucker said. “If we want to bring healthcare costs down, increase wages, and protect Social Security and Medicare, we must begin with addressing our campaign finance laws. If we take these steps, we can work toward ensuring the American people — not dark-money, foreign entities, or special interests — have the power in our democratic process.”

1. Undo Citizens United to limit the influence of corporate money in politics

2. Hold at least one in-person community forum per month while holding office

3. Pass the DISCLOSE Act to increase transparency in the system

4. Get foreign money out of U.S. Elections

5. Create a federal matching fund to amplify the effect of small-dollar contributions

“Right now, we have too many members of Congress whose loyalty is to their big donors — not to the people they represent,” Tucker said. “By increasing transparency, demanding accountability, and empowering people, we can build a fairer and more just political process for all Americans across this country.”

Tucker’s opponent, incumbent Congressman French Hill rarely holds public-facing events, and has not held an in-person town hall in well over a year. Hill also declined numerous invitations from local media outlets to appear in debates with Clarke Tucker. Throughout his political career, Congressman Hill has been backed by millions of dollars in special interests including hundreds of thousands from big pharmaceutical companies.

You can see Clarke’s video here:

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