The government works for the people, not special interests.

Right now, our government lacks courage, honesty, integrity, and a duty to serve. Our representatives have failed to look out for us and instead have toed the party line in order to further special interests and their own careers. We must enact key reforms to ensure that our representatives focus on the people, and not the politics of division.

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Politicians shouldn't be able to pick their voters by drawing their own districts.

Clarke believes we should end partisan gerrymandering by giving independent, non-partisan commissions the task of redistricting.

Campaign Finance Reform

Clarke Tucker will help stop the scourge of dark money in politics.

Clarke will work to enact comprehensive campaign finance reform to end the legacy of Citizens United and the spectre of dark special interest money in our politics.

Election Security

Clarke will protect the integrity of our elections.

With both new legislation and technology investments, we must work to defend our democracy by ensuring that foreign threats stay out of our elections and domestic affairs.

Fighting Corruption

Clarke Tucker will fight corruption and grifting.

Without strong oversight and real accountability for executives and agency leaders who commit wrongdoing, corruption will continue to fester. Clarke is committed to the idea that the rule of law applies to everyone, even the rich and powerful.

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