Access to a quality education is access to opportunity.

We must ensure that all Arkansans, both young and old, have the resources and opportunity to realize the most of their God-given potential.

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Clarke Tucker will help increase investment in Pre-K and Early Childhood Education.

Studies have shown that access to Pre-K and good early child education helps children enter school more prepared to learn. A good early start is so important that kids who attend Pre-K graduate at higher rates. Early education helps all kids but is particularly beneficial for disadvantaged kids and kids of color.

Teacher Pay

Clarke Tucker will fight for better pay for our teachers.

No job is more important to Arkansas children than teachers, and yet despite large increases in the cost of living, teacher pay has barely increased. Clarke Tucker knows that investing in our teachers is investing in our kids.

Higher Education

Clarke Tucker will make college more affordable and accessible for today's kids.

College is so expensive that students are either unable to go or graduate saddled with debt that drags on their and America's future prosperity. We must provide more options to our young people - better ways of paying for college and more two year degree and trade school options to empower our workforce.

For-Profit Charter Schools

Clarke Tucker opposes for-profit charter schools.

While some charter schools have had success, many have suffered from high teacher turnover, extremely low graduation rates and incentives that encourage grade falsification. When schools are focused on profits, our children are the ones paying the price.

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