We must protect the Natural State.

There is no denying humans’ effect on our environment. Whether it’s cleaning up our forests and streams or limiting carbon emissions, our actions are responsible for the condition of our planet. As residents of the Natural State, we must take this responsibility seriously.

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Clean Power

We should invest in clean wind, water, and solar power.

It’s not only good for our environment, but it’s also good for business — agriculture, manufacturing and tourism industries all stand to benefit from smarter investments in renewable, clean energy.

Preserving our natural resources.

Clarke will work to stop the ongoing attacks on environmental protections.

Those who seek to remove environmental protections simply do not understand what we risk losing. Arkansans are blessed to live in a state of great natural beauty. We must preserve that beauty and our many resources, which are vital to our personal well-being and the strength of our economy.

Climate Change

Clarke believes in reengaging with the world via the Paris Climate Agreement.

Arkansas is already experiencing dozens more 90 degree days each year than when Clarke was a child. We should rejoin every other nation on the planet in committing to the goals set forth in the Paris Climate Accord to ensure a prosperous future for our children.

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