All Americans must be treated equally under law.

Every Arkansan has a stake in our future and each deserves the fullest opportunity to contribute to and share in our collective prosperity. This is a fundamental value that I carry with me every day.

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Equal Pay

Clarke Tucker believes in equal pay for equal work.

All Americans should be paid equally and treated fairly, no matter their gender or race.


We need to support the Equality Act.

We need to support legislation like the Equality Act, which would provide the same nondiscrimination protections to LGBTQ Arkansans as any other protected class under federal law.

The Right to Vote

Clarke Tucker wants to reform discriminatory Voter ID laws.

Congress must work together to combat laws that disenfranchise our most vulnerable and underserved citizens. Every man and woman has the right to vote and we must work to create a system where everyone feels they can exercise that right. Additionally, we need to let young people know their vote really matters.

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