We can find a bipartisan plan for action.

There is actually much in the way of bipartisan support for comprehensive immigration reform, yet our current Congress has engaged in political finger-pointing and gridlock for years instead of seeking common ground. Together we can create reform that that secures our borders, strengthens our economy, and upholds our American values. In Congress, I will work to bring folks on both sides of the aisle together on this important issue.

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A path to citizenship for DACA recipients.

We can both secure our borders and show compassion in our immigration policy, specifically to the over 800,000 DACA recipients — undocumented young men and women who were brought here by their parents years ago and are just as American as you or I am.

Homeland Security

Strong, safe borders with increased transparency.

Like the vast majority of Americans, I support ICE and our Homeland Security agencies in carrying out the mission to keep our borders safe and strong, while increasing accountability and transparency in our immigration enforcement through common-sense strategic investments. While we need increased border security, building a border wall is an inefficient and ineffective use of taxpayer funds with a price tag of $21.6 Billion — it also sends the wrong message about who we are as a country and our values.

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