A job is more than a paycheck.

I believe a job brings more to an individual, to a family, and to a community than any check could ever deliver. Many in our communities are still struggling. That’s why investments in infrastructure and the jobs of tomorrow, and support for small businesses and working families are essential to ensure every person who can work has the opportunity to do so.

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Clarke will vote to increase federal investments in infrastructure.

The roads, bridges and maintenance that we work on now are all investments in our future that pay out for generations to come. To make sure that our communities are prosperous and competitive in the 21st Century economy, Clarke will work to bring good paying jobs to Arkansas to build our future.

Earned Income Tax Credit

Clarke Tucker believes in expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit.

The recent tax reform passed through congress mostly benefits the extremely wealthy and large corporations. Clarke believes in expanding tax credits for working people to make sure that our families are bringing home more of their paychecks to invest in themselves and their local businesses.

Rural Broadband

We must invest in faster, more reliable internet access for our rural communities.

New online business are being created and are hiring around the world, but without access, some communities are left out of the economic growth. Clark will help invest in rural broadband to connect our communities with opportunities in national markets right here at home.

Lower Taxes for Working Families

The Government works for people, not just large corporations.

America's economy is growing, but not enough of that growth is going to working people, especially while federal deficits are exploding again. We need to lower taxes for our working families, while promoting policies that create a responsible and forward-looking federal budget.

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