Our seniors deserve full retirement benefits.

Our seniors have spent their lives working to give future generations a chance at a better life. They deserve full retirement benefits that let them live out their lives with dignity. That’s why I will fight ongoing attacks on Social Security and Medicare, and work to increase support for nutrition programs for seniors.

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Protecting Social Security

We must safeguard Social Security benefits for Arkansas' Seniors.

Arkansans have worked their entire lives to earn their retirement. We must protect Social Security and oppose calls for privatization of our seniors’ benefits.

Improving Medicare

We can protect access to Medicare and make it more efficient.

Medicare is incredibly important to our seniors. Not only does it provide economic security, it improves lives. We can improve access to health care by exercising appropriate oversight over the Medicare program.

Making Prescriptions Affordable

Clarke knows that prescription drugs are too expensive. He'll fight to reduce prices.

Senior citizens shouldn't have to choose between eating and buying their medicine. Prescription drugs have gotten incredibly expensive and we need to do more to help make them affordable. Clarke also opposes government pension offsetting.

Meal Assistance

We can expand seniors' access to healthy food.

Access to healthy food helps seniors live healthier more independent lives. And yet programs like meals on wheels are under threat because legislators often don't appreciate how much they are needed. Clarke will help protect these valuable programs.

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