Where is the Decency?

Protecting Pre-existing Conditions

Former French Hill supporter, Elizabeth of Little Rock, opens up about her health care story and watching Congress vote to remove protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Nana Knows Best

Nana chats up everyone she comes in contact with about her grandson’s candidacy as she goes about her day.

Our Veterans Deserve Better

In the legislature, Clarke fought for our veterans by creating a program to match veterans with local employers and supporting exempting military retirement pay from state income taxes.

What Matters Most

Clarke’s top priority is protecting and delivering quality, affordable health care to all Arkansans.

Who Is Clarke Tucker?

Hear from the Tucker Women about who Clarke is.


Clarke is Arkansas through and through, and will always put Arkansan families first.

We’re Better Than That

If French Hill starts his campaign by repeating a tired Washington talking point that he knows isn’t true, what does that tell you about his record?

Protecting Our Veterans

Clarke values our veterans.

Pre-K and Early Childhood Education

Clarke believes Pre-K and early childhood education are at the top of the list of our most important priorities as a country.

Why I’m running for Congress

Clarke discusses his values and why is running for Congress.